Cheshire City

Cheshire City is the second-largest city in Felindia, second only to the capital Felix City. It lies almost center in the lands of the kingdom, abutting the western edge of the Whisper Wist swamp, along the somewhat narrow strips of land between the Caterwaul River and the Bay of Bast. It is a rowdy and highly populated city, where cats of all walks of life mix together and socialize. It also has perhaps the most rich history and lore surrounding it, rivaling even the capital city.


Governing Body



Cheshire City is home to many notable landmarks that a traveler new to the city might be interested in.

The Well

The Royal Residence

Jack's Bazaar

The Druidic Enclave

Astral Tower

Town Hall

Grand Guild's Hall

Circle of the Lost Gods

The Great Harbor

The Dry Docks

The Furfly Bridge

The Wailing Bridge

The Lilac Mercantile

One of the city's three merchant districts.

Surrounding Areas

The Whisper Wist Swamp

The Deep Grove

The Bay of Bast

The Caterwaul River

The Catwalk Plains


Myths and Legends

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