The Mad Knight Campaign - Chapter One

For the DM's eyes only. And only because this is more useful than Google docs.

The Beginning

Our story begins in Stubbin's Inn, a modest but well-tended tavern in Cheshire City. It is early evening on the 15th day of the second sect of spring, year 271 of Felindia. It is Dawnday. The inn is fairly busy, with 14 other guests in the main room of the tavern.

The tavern has a common room that is 20 feet by 36. A long, polished wooden bar rests against the back wall with four heavy-looking casks of ale on tap behind it. A ramp to the upper floor can be seen on the far wall from the entrance as well, and two doors leading to large, private meeting rooms are on the right wall. An open doorway, with only a heavy canvas curtain inside of a proper door, leads to the kitchen on the right wall, behind the bar. Around the top of the common room is a balcony, protruding over the right and front-most walls, where more seating can be found.

The noise level in the tavern that night is moderate and pleasant, and the players have taken a seat near the middle of the room, where they can overhear many of the conversations. A Perception check (DC 10) reveals that a merchant is speaking quite loudly at a table nearby, having partaken of a fair amount of wine this evening.

"Yes, yes! Hah! Perhaps the biggest deal of my career. Sold all of my silks to some fancy noble lady down from Felix City. Runs some sort of high-class tailoring shop there, and commissioned two dozen more bolts of cloth for her new year's debut. Haha! I told you I'd make it big before my fifteenth birthday, didn't I Davy?" The drunken merchant (a yellow marbled persian tom named Sunny), nudges his friend (a domestic short-haired gray-marbled tom named Davy). Davy seems somewhat annoyed by his friend's drunken bragging, being not as inebriated, and just nods and makes noncommittal noises while looking sullenly into his own mug of wine. "I mean, I won't tell you how much the deal went through for, but my boy, it would make you just sick!"

Sunny works at Sunny's Fine Fabrics, an as-of-yet small fabric shop in the Lilac Mercantile, a merchant district in the east side of the city. Stubbin's Inn is on the western edge of the district, facing the road that runs along the Caterwaul River and close to the Wailing Bridge. It takes a DC 15 to pick the lock, but only a DC 10 to find the merchant's hidden stash of money, if the players look in the correct area, as it is no longer entirely closed/hidden. (See map.)

When the players locate the stash, they find it empty. A couple of copper-worth mice are left, as well as piece of a white plaster mask. Intelligence (DC 15) check (DC 10 if compared to another like it), reveals the mask to appear to be part of a Smiler's mask. A small bit of a signature of the maker is on the inside curve of the mask, but it is not enough to make out the entirety of the signature. 

Possible paths for the players' to choose: 

  • Attempting to rifle through the rest of the shop for other valuables, running the risk of the merchant Sunny to return and find them, and call the city guard. 
  • Reporting in to the Smiler's Guild to inform the higher-ups of this occurrence and the mask piece.  
  • Doing nothing and returning to their room at Stubbin's Inn. If they do this, eventually other Smilers will come and demand that they report in to their superiors. 

If the players  

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