The Battlemaster

The Battlemaster is one of the Seven Lost Gods, the patron deities of the Felindian world.

The Battlemaster is a masculine deity. He is the Orange Star, the God of War. He shields and guides the claws of warriors and soldiers, and grants his tactical knowledge and wisdom to generals and warlords. Given his love of strength and might, he patrons the Maine Coon breed and all physical fighters. He protects duelists and career soldiers alike. He is the master of honor and strength, and

Battlemaster Symbol

the Lord of Summer, when most war campaigns are held. He is called upon equally by weaponsmiths and armorers, and other workers of metal.

The Battlemaster is thought to be a god of neutrality and order. Idols and statues of him are usually made of hardwoods such as oak. He is depicted as a hulking beast of a cat, with a thick mane of fur and short, thick horns like a goat's on his head. Iron armor bedecks his muscular and scarred body. His temples are stark and utilitarian, more like fortresses than anything else. All of his priests also carry heavy weaponry and often wear armor. They train themselves physically every day, learning to master new weapons and improve their bodily constitution.

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