The Nightlord

The Nightlord is one of the Seven Lost Gods, the patron deities of the Felindian world.

He is the Red Star, the Lord of Darkness, Father of Entropy. He is the antithesis of his brother, the Daybringer, and is considered to present in the deep blackness that rests behind the stars, hidden in the light of the day. He is the master of the void, entropy, decay, and destruction. He is the End of All Things, and so is also considered to be the god of death and chaos. Sacred to him are scavenging animals and carrion-eaters, and he is the protector of murderers, and the patron god of the Sphynx breed and necromancers.

The Nightlord is a god of chaos and evil. Idols of him, rendered in ebony and black marble, as well as images and symbols, depict the Nightlord as a large and sinister feline figure, with great crooked horns rising from his pitch-black fur. He always has prominent claws and spines sticking out of his fur. Idols of him are typically placed in areas out of direct light, for to place him into direct sunlight, especially light of the sun, can bring his wrath down upon mortals. His temples are usually constructs of polished black marble, often decorated with the cleaned and polished bones of former worshipers. His priests and clergy are usually necromancers, raising the dead to do their bidding, and are feared by the common cat.

The Week of Endings, one of two weeks outside of the Felindian Calendar, is the annual celebration of the Nightlord. It begins with the day of the winter solstice, the longest night of the year and the height of his power. During this week it is customary to stay inside from sundown to sunup, remaining in the light if possible.

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