The Prankster

The Prankster is one of the Seven Lost Gods, the patron deities of the Felindian world.

The Prankster is a feminine god, the Green Star, Mother of Nature, the Branch-Walker. She is the patron deity of the Manx breed and the mystics who came from them. She is a happy goddess, finding sacredness in jokes, pranks, laughter, tricks, and dancing. She is mistress of things that move in cycles and natural places. She is most often worshiped by farmers and those that work the land

Prankster Symbol

and work closely with plants, trees, and animals. She is also the Mistress of Autumn, and can be most often seen in the dancing of fallen leaves upon chilly breezes.

The Pankster is a goddess of good, but could not be considered either orderly or chaotic. Idols of her are often constructed of wood of any sort, often crudely whittled out of fallen branches found in the forest. These idols are usually placed on alters in small bowls of earth. Farmers often will decorate their images of the goddess with changing herbs and flowers based upon the season. The Prankster's images show her as a cat with a short tail, much like the Manxes she patrons, portly, adorned with branches on her head like a deer's antlers, and a laughing expression. Her temples are most often found in groves of trees, but, if necessary, will also be small and modest structures of wood with beautiful gardens cultivated all around them. Her clergycats are gifted herbalists and farmers, masters of woodlore and nature. They prefer to serve in remote settings, giving what aid they can to local farmers.

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