The Secret Keeper

The Secret Keeper is one of the Seven Lost Gods, the patron deities of the Felindian world.

The Secret Keeper is a feminine deity. She is the Lady of Winter, the Violet Star, Patron God of the Persian breed and guardian of spell-casters. She is the mistress of learning, and so her symbol is often raised inside of schools, where she watches over teachers, students, and scholars alike. She is also said to watch over scribes, accountants, and businesscats. Sacred to her are books

Secret Symbol

and scrolls.

The Secret Keeper is usually said to be a neutral deity, portrayed in paintings and idols as a plush-furred queen with a diadem of vividly-colored amethysts around her brow. Idols and symbols of her are often crafted from ivory, though any "rich" material is considered acceptable, and rested on velvet cloth. Her temples are usually filled with libraries and study rooms, with priests that are more scholar than clergy. They see it as their holy duty to collect and preserve knowledge.

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