The Shadow Walker

The Shadow Walker is one of the Seven Lost Gods, the patron deities of the Felindian world.

The Shadow Walker is a feminine deity. She is the Indigo Star, the Lady of In-Between, the Dreamwalker. She is the goddess of shadows and transitions, twilight, and old age. She is seen as the patron of thieves and sneaks, and said to favor the Savannah breed over all others. She watches over hunters and wanderers, outcasts and the lost ones. She is the goddess that gathers up the dregs of society to her bosom and protects them with quiet ferocity.

The Shadow Walker is said to be a deity of chaos and neutrality, holding no love of either good or evil. Statues of her are often made of ebony and inlaid with silver, and she is often shown as a strangely undefined figure of misty blackness. Her temples are usually more modest than some, constructed with few, if any windows. Her followers are at home with minimal light, and are usually havens for thieves, the homeless, and the destitute. Travelers unable to find an inn, or unable to afford one, are usually given haven at these temples. While not as nice and comfortable as some inns, they are always clean and given a meal per day. Her priests take it upon themselves to try and ensure that cats of all means and class are taken care of, regardless of their past. Though most citizens may consider the adherents of the Shadow Lady untrustworthy, they never say so to their faces.

Similar to the Daybringer and Nightlord, the Shadow Walker has no season to call her own. Instead, she is considered to hold sway over the transitions between seasons.

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