The Songstress

The Songstress is one of the Seven Lost Gods, the patron deities of the Felindian world.

The Songstress is the Yellow Star, the Lady of Beauty, and Mistress of Spring. She is a feminine deity, and the one who most loves things of beauty. She is the goddess of art and beauty, music, singing, youth, sexuality, and freedom of thought and expression. She is often called upon by artists and painters, jewelers and silversmiths, musicians and composers, and those young and in love. She is often

Songstress Symbol

called to preside over ceremonies of unions and displays of love and devotion. She is the patron of the Siamese breed, the natural singers and entertainers of the cat world.

The Songstress is a bit of a chaotic deity, being as free-thinking as she is, but is one of good. She is often idolized in gold and pale wood, and depicted as a slender queen with shining golden fur and bedecked in fine gems and jewelry. Her temples are, appropriately, made to first and foremost be works of art. Paintings and frescoes adorn the walls and intricately-woven rugs cover the floor. Many of her priests and priestesses are also artists, constantly working on their chosen calling to achieve new levels of greatness and inspire new cultural movements. Many nobles and royalty have gone to these temples to commission official portraits of themselves.

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